Great Circle Speedmaster® Life Rafts are designed as quick response rescue platforms for vessels operating in protected waters where shipwreck survivors are required to be evacuated promptly and rescued quickly.

Being fully reversible and without a canopy, this type of life raft can be boarded quickly and used either way up, its floor being placed in-between the two buoyancy chambers. A boarding ramp is mounted on each tube allowing fast survivor access as soon as the life raft deploys.

  • Double, fail safe buoyancy tubes and auto-inflatable arch/canopy support system formed from neoprene/polybutadiene rubber
  •  Double layer, rip stop woven waterproof nylon canopy. In addition to improving insulation properties, the canopy’s interior blue layer aids ambiant comfort by lessening the harsh orange glow usually associated with single skinned canopies.
  • CO2/N2 inflation system features premium quality gas cylinder(s) and firing mechanism. Designed to inflate correctly at an ambient air temperature of between -15º and 65º C.
  •  Insulated floor constructed of either aluminium composite cellular foam or a manually inflated air pocket that encompasses the entire floor. Either type guards against hypothermia and greatly improves comfort
  • High visibility canopy and stability bags greatly assists Search and Rescue.
  • High capacity & weighted stability bags o
  • Manually or automatically deployed, heavy duty drogue (sea anchor) with minimum 30 metres of line and anti-foul swivel.
  • Semi-rigid boarding platform and support handle features with interior assist bridle.
  • Extra-large entrance for easy boarding. Entrance closure(s) feature heavy duty dual zippers with ventilation tie-backs.
  • Rainwater catchment system with sealable storage pouches inside
  • Viewing port and vent
  •  Heavy duty life raft righting system
  • Easily accessed buoyancy tube topping up valves.
  •  Full circumference exterior lifeline and interior grab-lines.
  • SOLAS standard exterior LED locator light and LED interior light individually switchable.
  •  Uni-directional retro-reflective tape segments on underside of hull and on canopy.
  • Minimum 28 metres painter line
  • Choice of emergency equipment pack, featuring premium quality components
  • Top-quality fibreglass canister for robust protection and long service life
  • Expertly packed for greater environmental protection and prolonged service intervals.
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Stowage Option


Equipment Pack

NSCV, ORIL, Under 24 hour


15, 25, 50, 6, 65


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