Commercial survey approved – Australian Sailing compliant – Premium blue water life rafts manufactured & certified to ISO 9650-1 specification Great Circle Oceanmaster® Life Rafts are designed for extended offshore


⦁ Double, fail safe buoyancy tubes and auto-inflatable arch/canopy support system formed from neoprene/polybutadiene rubber (not PVC)
⦁ Rip stop woven waterproof nylon canopy (not PVC)
⦁ CO2/N2 inflation system features premium quality gas cylinder(s) and firing mechanism. Designed to inflate correctly at an ambient air temperature of between -15º and 65º C.
⦁ Insulated floor of aluminium composite cellular foam and butyl rubber guards against hypothermia and improves comfort
⦁ High visibility orange colour on underside of hull, canopy and stability bags greatly assists Search and Rescue.
⦁ High capacity & weighted stability bags
⦁ Manually deployed, heavy duty drogue (sea anchor) with minimum 30 metres of line and anti-foul swivel.
⦁ Semi-rigid boarding platform and support handle features high visibility colour with interior assist bridle.
⦁ Extra-large entrance for easy boarding. Entrance closure(s) feature heavy duty dual zippers with ventilation tie-backs.
⦁ Uni-directional retro/radar reflective segment across arch
⦁ Rainwater catchment system with sealable storage pouch inside
⦁ Viewing port and vent
⦁ Heavy duty life raft righting system
⦁ Easily accessed buoyancy tube topping up valves.
⦁ Full circumference exterior lifeline and interior grab-lines.
⦁ SOLAS standard exterior LED locator light and LED interior light with individual switches.
⦁ Retro-reflective tape segments on underside of hull and on canopy.
⦁ Minimum 10 metres painter line
⦁ Choice of emergency equipment pack, featuring premium quality components
⦁ Choice of top-quality fibreglass canister or urethane valise carry pack (four, six, eight & ten person life raft)
⦁ Vacuum packed for greater environmental protection and prolonged service intervals.


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Stowage Options

Valise, Canister

Equipment Pack

Under 24 hour, Over 24 hour, Voyager


4, 6, 8, 10, 12


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