Our Product Range

Great Circle specialises in marine safety and when you invest in one of our products, you can be confident you have made an important safety decision. Being properly prepared ensures peace of mind so you can enjoy your boating activity.

Life Rafts

  • Coastmaster
  • Oceanmaster
  • Oceanmaster SOLAS
  • Oceanmaster Davitt Launch
  • Oceanmaster Self-righting
  • Floatation Aids (Carley Floats)

Life Raft Accessories

  • Mounting cradles
  • Lashing Systems
  • Canister covers
  • Life Jackets

  • Fixed Flotation
  • Inflatable
  • Replacement parts
  • Emergency Beacons

  • EPIRBs (KTI & Yockan)
  • PLBs (KTI & Yockan)
  • CrewWatcher MOB Recovery
  • Pyrotechnics

    • Flares & accessories
    • Chemical light sticks
    • Line throwing
    • Waterproof matches
    •  Seamark dye


    • Danbuoy
    • Seamark dye

    Safety Equipment

    • Emergency rations
    • Life Buoys & accessories
    • Rescue Mate
    • Floatation Aids
    • (Carley Floats)
    • Lashing Systems
    • Rescue Quoit
    • Signalling Flags and Navigation Shapes


    • AIS MOB
    • VHF radio
    •  Navigation charts and software

    Locator Lights

    • Life jacket lights
    • Immersion suit lights
    • High intensity rescue strobes
    • Life Buoy light

    Thermal Protection

  • Thermal Protective Aids
  • Immersion Suits
  • First Aid Kits

  • Recreational
  • Australian Sailing
  • Commercial
  • Knowledge Centre

  • What’s to Know About Life Rafts
  • What to Expect on Deployment
  • How to Deploy Your Life Raft
  • Behind the Acronyms of Maritime Safety
  • Choosing a Life Raft
  • Life Jacket Inflator Operation
  • How to Rearm the Operation Head
  • How to Fit an Inflatable life jacket
  • How to Fit a Foam Life Jacket – Vest Type
  • How to Fit a Foam Life Jacket – Overhead Type
  • Hydrostatic Release units

  • Seamate HRU
  • Outboard Onboard

  • Outboard motor lifting harness
  • Mariners Diary

  • Mariners Diary 2020
    “The handiest boating book”
  • About Great Circle

    Great Circle life rafts and safety equipment are ocean passage capable products that will perform under the most demanding of conditions.

    Our Values

    Great Circle values what determines true quality and true value for money; performance, reliability and durability. It is our cornerstone policy

    What has been learned from real life situations on the oceans of the world is incorporated into every Great Circle life raft. Our life rafts are the culmination of hours of research and testing and are engineered to the world’s highest level of quality and design – our international certificates and quality assurance systems attest this.

    Our Team

    Great Circle is also a dedicated group of great people who appreciate the responsibility of marine safety. Our team, whether they be preparing, manufacturing, servicing or liaising with our clients, know that your life may depend on one of our products. It is a responsibility that goes to the heart of our company and guides every decision and every action taken by every team member.